7 Cures For Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating

Known as hyperhidrosis, excessive or heavy sweating is a very embarrassing problem for some people. With these treatments you won’t have to hide under layers of clothing and you won’t have to avoid going sleeveless this summer. We’ve compiled 7 cures for excessive sweating that will help you to reduce or eliminate your sweat all together.

Prescription antiperspirant

If strong or clinical formulated antiperspirants don’t help you, your doctor may begin by prescribing a prescription antiperspirant. the main drawback to this is that they can cause some skin irritation so should be removed every morning with soap and water.

Nerve Block Pills

Doctors can prescribe nerve block pills to stop the nerves from overacting. Unfortunately, these often have a side effect of a dry mouth, blurry vision or bladder issues.

Botulinum Injections

Injections such as botox can temporarily freeze the nerve endings that feed the sweat glands. Unfortunately, these are very painful, must be done in multiple locations on the body and may need to be repeated every few months. They are also very costly.


When looking for cures for excessive sweating, doctors can also use a small instrument that delivers and electric pulse to the hands, feet and sometimes to the arm pits. This treatment called iontophoresis is done underwater for several weeks. Doctors aren’t sure why this treatment works but after a series of treatments and if it’s working, some patients can purchase their own electric pulse machine and do the treatments at home.

Sweat Gland Removal

Using a form of liposuction, doctors can remove the sweat glands from the armpits.

Nerve Surgery

If your hyperhidrosis treatment is required, a doctor may offer a procedure that severs, burns or clamps spinal nerves shut that have control over your sweating in hands. However, in many cases, this will trigger excessive sweating in your armpits and on your feet.


This procedure, approved by the FDA just last year, is a new breakthrough for patients suffering from excessive sweating. The doctor will numb the armpit and use a wand like device to send an electromagnetic energy to the sweat glands. While this is going on the skin and other tissues are kept cool to protect them from the electromagnetic energy. There are no incisions and sweat glands do not grow back. However, patients will require 2 to 3 treatments approximately 3 months apart.

Don’t suffer needlessly from excessive sweating, use one of these cures for excessive sweating and get on with your life.

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