Best Way To Lose Weight

Ever since I started trying to get more healthy in my habits and lifestyle, every person I know has been giving me all sorts of advice. Some of it makes perfect sense, some of it is just background noise to me and some of it is just completely crazy. For example this girl I work with talks about getting some sort detox colon cleanse and having it get rid of all of the bad things in your system. It seems like you would really end up wasting a day of your life doing that to me. From what I can gather you would spend a day or so not eating much of anything, because you have to flush it all out. So the only thing that you take into your body is the stuff that you use to cleanse out your system. So you have nothing else going in, but in theory you are going to have a whole lot of things to go out. I am not going to do anything of that sort. I just want to lose some weight and get into better shape. I am not really interested in doing a lot of wild and crazy things. I want to use sane methods to achieve my objectives. In fact I would be more apt to listen to the Mayo Clinic than the lady from my office. They have the right ideas for the things which I want to do, although it is going to be a lot tougher to do it like that. The working out and dieting just is not much fun at all. In particular I really hate to give up some of the foods that I really enjoy. You have to make a lot of sacrifices if you want to get some place that’s hard to get to.

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