Grandpa Gets Back Into Action

Since my grandfather had an accident a few months ago, the rest of the family had been wondering what we should do about him. My grandfather lives on his own, and didn’t want to become a burden for the rest of us. He didn’t want to waste money and face the possibility of being mistreated by living in a nursing home. He also didn’t want to live with any of use, because it would mean extra work for everyone. He said that we should look at the life alert cost and get him one of those medical alert systems.

The system would allow grandpa to be taken care of in the event of a medical emergency, without being a burden, because it would contact anyone when the emergency arises. Grandpa would still be able to live on his own and live out his live like he normally does. Everyone thought it was a good idea, so we looked at the prices for the system, and got one for grandpa. Grandpa healed from his injuries, and was as active as ever. He likes to do a lot of running around the neighborhood. I’ve always heard running was bad for the knees, but his knees seem to be fine.

So far, my grandfather hasn’t had to use the system for any medical emergencies, and hopefully he won’t ever have to do so. If the day does come that he needs to use it, all he’ll have to do is simply push a button, and the system till take care of the rest. My grandfather feels so secure by having the system, that he wants to see how well it does when he’s in another state. He’s planning to go climb a mountain in a few months. I wonder if I’ll be as much as a daredevil as him in my old age.

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