Pineapples And Diet For Gout

My husband has been diagnosed with gout, but he is rather reluctant to change his diet in order to help to make sure that it does not get worse. But I do not want to see him become a cripple and have to use a wheelchair or something like that. It is the last thing that I would like to see, so I have some questions. I want to know can you eat pineapple with gout? Because that is one of his favorite fruits to eat, and I know that it has some chemicals in it that are not present in many other fruits. It is kind of an odd fruit, if you ask me. It is pretty delicious, but if it is something that he shouldn’t be eating, then I need to try to get him to stop eating it.

I am going to try to take charge and reign in his diet, so that he does not make himself worse off. Hopefully we can stop his gout from getting any worse than it is by changing his diet. Luckily, I do all of the food shopping for our family, and so I should be able to make him change his diet a bit, whether he likes it or not. He might not be happy with me, but he needs to eat better and I really do not want to just sit here and let him exacerbate his gout by what he is eating.

I wish that I had known he was pre-disposed to developing gout, because I would have tried to get him to change his diet years ago if I knew that. Right now, I am going to try to go through everything he eats, and find out if it is something he should be eating or not with gout.

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