What Physiotherapy Can Do For You

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More often than not, the term physiotherapy brings to mind images of injured athletes or arthritic knees. While this holistic approach to healing can treat these ailments, physiotherapy as a whole stretches well beyond and into the world of pain management, restoration and rehabilitation.

The Primary Goals of Physiotherapy

The overall goal of physiotherapy is to improve quality of life for Canadians through non-invasive procedures. This is accomplished through education and by promoting mobility and physical function within patients through non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical practices. Maintained mobility allows clients to retain independence even when dealing with acute pain, chronic illness and any limitations that come along with these.

The educational aspect of physiotherapy is often overlooked but is a highly valuable resource. In order to properly treat a problem area, one needs to properly understand the issue. Medical professionals diagnose ailments and the consequences that they bring in order to create a plan that works. Instead of using blanket statements and hoping for results, physiotherapists diagnose problem areas and create a customized treatment plan that is unique to each patient.

A health and wellness education does not stop with physical movements and exercises but also extends to re-training. Re-training and rehabilitation are necessary following a traumatic injury or medical illness such as heart attack, stroke or other major surgeries. These particular cases see patients going through stages of healing, as well as an education on how to use new tools like crutches and wheelchairs to conquer any limitations that they might be facing.

Who Do Physiotherapists Help?

Medical set-backs can be encouraged due to age or genetic predispositions but they can also come on quickly. Physical ailments can come on all at once through a traumatic injury such as a broken bone or can be developed over time due to prolonged illness. Although they might seem minor on the outside, instances of chronic pain may include constant shoulder, neck and back pain that are caused by repetitive tasks (normally work-related), instances of bad posture or weight or pregnancy related stress.

With the right tools and resources, patients are able to prevent re-occurring pain or re-injury. A trip the physiotherapist’s is not just a benefit for today, but for the future as well. In Canada, there is no reason to stall on treatments. In British Columbia, for example, patients can see a physiotherapist, such as Burrard Physiotherapy in downtown Vancouver without referral from a physician.

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