Don’t Think Your Family Cannot Be Touched By Crystal Meth Addiction

When my wife and I got married and made plans for our children we never considered for even the briefest moment that we would one day be discussing the best options for crystal meth addiction treatment for our teenage girl. We raised her in a home full of love and attention. We made sure she followed the normal rules any kid does. Discipline was never harsh or lackadaisical. It was appropriate for the infraction and always tempered with great love and respect. There was never any yelling and screaming in our house. Not because of fear but because of mutual respect. However, a series of events caused an addiction she could not break on her own.

Our daughter was one we liked to joke that would take in any stray. She loved deeply and cared for everything and everyone. A neighbor girl was a bit rough around the edges. She reminded me of my sister. My sister has a mental diagnosis that is not severe enough to make it so she cannot be gainfully employed, but she does require ongoing treatment. The neighbor girl started self-treating with drugs she got from her brother. The genetic component for an addictive personality is strong on both sides of our family. It is why I avoid alcohol. I like it too much.

Our daughter tried the crystal meth once and was hooked. She craved it to a degree I only saw in my grandfather and how he had to have the booze. It took a long time and a lot of work through a good crystal meth addiction treatment program to get her off of the drugs. That was several years ago and she says she still thinks about it from time to time, but the bad stuff associated with the drug keeps her away. She decided to not have any children at this point in her life. She said she was worried about the genetics being spread to another generation. We are just glad she is okay.

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