When Children Are In Need Of Pediatric Foot Care

pediatric foot care doctor

Pediatric foot issues should be addressed by a professional pediatric foot care doctor. There is a big difference in the care that you will receive from a pediatric foot and ankle doctor pittsburgh pa compared to an adult doctor. With children’s bones and bodies still growing, pediatric care can provide a different approach to common foot issues.

Some of these issues may present themselves early on in life when a child is first learning to walk. Others develop as a child is older, and a child is capable of communicating that there is pain developing in the foot area.

Regardless of the age, foot problems should never be ignored. Ignoring a problem of this type can lead to more pain and problems later on in life.

Heel Pain

One of the most common children’s foot problems is heel pain. Your child may complain of pain, or you may notice that they are limping slightly when they are walking. The pain itself could be harmless if it is related to growing pains. The issue could be due to an abnormality of the heel bone. It’s best to rule out a more severe problem that should be addressed early on in life. Support may be needed inside the shoe.

In-toeing and Out-toeing

Instead of the foot pointing straight out like it is supposed to, in-toeing and out-toeing will result in a child walking pigeon-toed. This can occur with one or both feet.

At first, you may not even notice that your child is doing this. It can become more pronounced as time goes on. You may even notice your child limping, falling or tripping. This issue is considered to be structural in nature and may require a corrective brace.

Make sure that you find a reputable pediatric foot care doctor in your area if your child is experiencing issues. Not all doctors are created equally, so make sure that you find one that will make your child feel comfortable during appointments.

It is also imperative that you find a professional in your area that will be able to provide accurate diagnoses and treatments.

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